1.1 Support MUST be given to users of your software products. All software that you build, maintain and have active users are considered software products.

1.2 Support SHOULD be managed through a support system. E-mail is not enough. Example Atlassian Jira Service Management.

1.3 A Support Manager role MUST be assigned to your support queue. It could be a role that is passed between team members.

2 Unpaid Support

2.1 Unpaid support SHOULD NOT require an SLA. Unpaid support is most common on internal software products that users aren’t paying to use. Examples, website, intranet, integrations, tools.

2.2 Unpaid support SHOULD suffice with service request workflow for any kind of service request.

2.3 Unpaid support SHOULD be measured with the following KPI’s

2.3.1 Time lapsed in Waiting. This KPI measures how much time a user must wait until their support is picked up and actively worked on.

2.3.2 Time lapsed to Completed. This KPI measures how much time a user must wait until their issue has been resolved.

2.3.3 Proportion of Resolved Issues. This KPI measures the quality of the issues coming in to the support.

2.3.4 Time in Working. This KPI measures how much time we spend actively working to resolve an issue.

3 Paid Support

3.1 Users that pay for your software as a product SHOULD have an SLA (service level agreement).

3.2 The SLA MUST specify KPIs for support. Most common KPIs are “Time to first Response” and “Time to Resolution”.

3.3 Paid Support MAY have different workflows for incidents, service requests, problems and change requests, if you need to split KPI’s on the different issue types.

4 Support Manager

4.1 The Support Manager MUST triage issues as soon as they are registered.

4.2 The Support Manager MUST follow up on SLA with regular intervals.

4.3 The Support Manager SHOULD follow up on KPI’s with regular intervals.

5 Playbook

5.1 A Playbook SHOULD be established that answer most common questions and solve most common problems.

5.2 The Playbook SHOULD be updated once an issue has been resolved.

5.3 The Playbook MUST be available and searchable for anyone working with support. Most support systems contain a wiki for this purpose.